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Stadium Sports Surfaces is dedicated to providing proven Sprung Timber Flooring Systems to suit your venue, budget and needs.

For over 15 years Stadium Sports Surfaces have installed and maintained sprung timber flooring here in South Australia as well as Northern Territory and Western Australia, including SA’s foremost indoor Sports Stadiums, The Titanium Security Arena and Netball SA Stadium.

As the South Australian/Northern Territory distributor of ASF Horner our sprung timber sports floors provide industry leading system energy return and ball bounce uniformity.

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With over 35+ years experience in the industry, SSS can cater for all sports floor requirements, no matter how diverse.

Featured Projects

Esperance Indoor Stadium

New 4 Court PR2 ASF Multisport Stadium built with for a regional community to meet National and State competition standards and provide expanded and improved facilities for sporting activities, sports administration, temporary camping overflow and regional events.

Cabra Dominican College

Capacity for sheltered gatherings was limited at Cabra Dominican College and indoor sports scheduling had become a challenge too. A single-court, corrugated iron gymnasium was replaced with a new PR3 ASF Multisport double-court gym, which includes generous run off for elite level competitions and a Pacific Seating retractable unit to provide for drama & music performances as well as community events.

Sacred Heart College - Brother Joseph McAteer Centre

A stunning new 2 Court PR2 ASF Multisport Gymnasium with open views over the Main Oval providing the entire School community a Hub for not just Sporting activity but also Community and School Events

Loxton Recreation Complex

The new 2 Court PR2 ASF Multisport Complex will have so many benefits for the whole community. With at least 18 sporting clubs to use the facility, improving regional amenities for sport and recreation not only benefits those already participating in sport but it makes the region and even better place to live and work, helping to attract new residents to the region to help fill job vacancies.