The unique cushion design of the A.S.F. Horner “PR” range provides shock-absorbing, fatigue reducing flooring systems ideal for active sports applications.
ASF Horner produces three PR Systems each featuring our exclusive and time-proven cushion pads, and all are available with a variety of timber species.
ASF PR Sports Sprung Timber Floor Systems are designed in Australia for Australian conditions.
ASF Horner Pty Ltd is an approved FIBA Partner and currently all our three of our PR Sport Floor Systems hold Certificate of Approval for Competition Level 1 & 2 with all of our standard species of timber.
Stadium Sports Surfaces has worked with designers & suppliers alike to ensure that our company provides maximum sports floor asset life expectancy. System sub-floors designed to promote longevity are coupled with floorboard profiles that supply ultimate wear layers.
The result is a sports floor system that simply outperforms & outlasts the rest.

Systems available in this range:

PR 1 Cushion System

The ASF Horner PR1 Cushion system features the advanced PR pad and the unique Hi-Load floor batten design, selected hardwood flooring fixed directly to the Hi-Load batten providing resiliency, durability and exceptional load capacity.

PR 2 Cushion System

The ASF Horner PR2 Cushion System also includes the patented cushioned Hi-Load floor battens, whilst a continuous 12mm board layer is added over the Hi-Load batten in this system, giving the system added strength and stability. Ball bounce consistency is increased across the PR2 surface.

PR 3 Cushion System

The PR3 Cushion System consists of two layers of specialised 12mm board layer. The bottom layer has the patented PR Cushion Pads fixed to the underside the top layer is fixed to the bottom layer. The PR3 Cushion System provides absolute uniform resiliency, maximum sound control and strength.